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busy, busy, busy in Danae Land!

This month we are scrambling to wrap up Forbidden Alliance: War of the Immortals.

It will be the third and final installment in the Forbidden Alliance Trilogy. It has been years in the making and I’m really enjoying how it’s coming along.

The revisions and completely scrapped original editions have been testament that this trilogy has to see the light of day. Possibly, later in the future, I will make a novella collection with stories from some of the amazing and amusing characters we’ve all fallen in love with along the way. I don’t know yet. I have to get this one put to bed before I can even begin to think of that.

If all goes according to plan, Dec 2015, Jan 2016, and Feb 2016 will be inundated with releases.

At the moment my tentative release schedule is looking like this:

Dec 2015 Forbidden Alliance: War of the Immortals

Dec – Jan 2016 Forgotten City of the Lotus Blossom

Jan 2016 start on Prophecy Saga: Atonement (book four)

Jan 2016 release Hide & Die (romance suspense thriller-standalone novel)

Jan – Feb 2016 Wolves of Haven: Marked

Feb 2016 Damned of Lost Creek: Requiem of the Damned (book three in the series)

Feb 2016 Damned of Lost Creek: Deeds of the Saint (book four in series)

March release Prophecy Saga: Atonement and start on fifth installment

April – June 2016 Wolves of Haven: Resurrection (that will wrap the six book series)

I’ve got A LOT on my plate, to say the least.

#danae #monthlyrequirement

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