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Thanks to everyone that voted for Realm. It didn’t get selected, but I’m really happy about that. Apparently Danae is rubbing off on me because I don’t want to give up creative control that SCOUT publishing would have taken from us.

No thanks.

Besides, after seeing Aliens vs Pit Bulls I’ve seriously questioned what they view as literary greatness worthy enough for their imprint.

Oh well. It’s just another adventure to start!

You can pick up a paperback copy of Realm here Or get your digital copy from Amazon here

If you voted for it on SCOUT and want a complimentary copy, just email me or Geeks on Ink, forwarding a copy of the TOO BAD IT DIDN’T GET PICKED email and we’ll send you a copy.

Whisper has been slated for April 2016 release. I’ve been plotting it out with Danae and am super excited to see what kind of awesomeness we can up with this time.

Ooh, I forgot, I’m going to Paris for Christmas! Apparently I’ve been a very good little girl, or a naughty one according to Master, and will get to spend a week in the city of romance. I cannot wait!

#aeon #monthlyrequirement

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