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Hello 2017... I think we're a little late

The last half of 2016 and the start of 2017 has proved to be a thrill ride of creative promise!

The Damned of Lost Creek is coming along nicely with book after book hitting the shelves with no downtime between releases. At the moment, I’m working on the sixth installment of ten: Requiem of the Damned. It slightly follows the original edition of Requiem, but there are MAJOR differences so they won’t be comparable in the least. The original story of The Damned of Lost Creek no longer applies in general. Too many changes, additions, removals, and the consuming presence which is Justice, means the original editions no longer apply in any way, shape or form. If you have them and think you’re reading ahead, you aren’t. You might be confusing yourself really; Lord knows it confuses the shit out of me when I reread an edition that no longer applies.

That’s a good thing, in my opinion. It means that growth as an author and storyteller has taken the bones of the original and improved on it. The editions are truly night and day, and I’m okay with that. I’m having fun, a lot of fun, and other than being broken and not sleeping most nights, I’m enjoying what I’m doing and the stories I’m weaving.

This year (2017) I wanted to work solely on wrapping Wolves of Haven and the Prophecy Saga, but I can’t turn off what’s speaking to me. When I try to force something that isn’t there, it truly will never get there and the end product is trash. I miss Knox and Tynan, I will get back to them once the voice is there since the next book is from Knox’s point of view and fills in the blanks and backstory more. Yes, Wolves of Haven needs wrapped, the final book is waiting to be told, it’s not telling me what it wants the reader to see. That type of writer’s block is the worst, especially for someone like me. Instead of fighting it and exhausting myself mentally, I’m going to work on what it is talking to me, which at the moment is the Damned of Lost Creek.

I will be helping Aeon get Realm re-released (just minor editing) and help her with the next in the Dark Trilogy: Whisper. I will also be helping Charlie to get Mistress Shade’s School of Skin book one revised. After feedback from BETA readers, we’ve decided to change the plot line and have each book focus on ONE conflict while layering in the others and nicely wrapping it up in the end. That will most likely double his current word count and I’m hoping to get it done this month but it might roll over into April due to the extensive story line additions that will be taking place and timeline shift...

My work is never done!

Devon… We don’t talk about Devon. He does have something on paper though, so that’s a plus.

As always, thank you for your continued support and patience.


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