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Slowly but Surely....

Writing isn't easy.

Even though I can, or have a few dozen times, written a book in only a couple of weeks, editing, tying loose ends together, and polishing it into something reader ready isn't easy. It takes a team, a lot of patience and energy, and sometimes writer's block just hits you so hard you don't want to even look at a word doc and the mocking flashing cursor.

In addition to the above mentioned, depression, light and sun sensitivity, joint pain (especially in the wrist), and migraines have kept me extremely limited in the creative process and left me bedridden some days. This doesn't mean my creativity shuts down.

Oh no.

The exact opposite!

Next to the bed is the TO BE WRITTEN notes that i need to type up and save. There's over 50 stories in that notebook now, just begging to be written. Everything from dark comedy, dark fantasy comic-like series, romances, mysteries... The list is VERY long and I'd love to sink my creative teeth into them now rather than later, but my body just don't let me.

Not yet.

As I mentioned on Facebook, I am trying to get my nearly completed file done. I have 20-30 stories that are over 35K started that I'd like to get done and wrapped, and I need to start on the next Immortal Mafia book, final Wolves of Haven book, and the seventh Damned of Lost Creek book. So much to do, so little time! 2021 will be here fast, and then I'm going dark for some epic fantasy elves adventures.

I'll have The Nightling out July 1st for everyone. Hopefully I'll have a second book closely following. Looking at one that is half-done and edited, just had to move around a chunk of information in it since I added so much.

Either way, thank you for your continued patience.

We should have something from Aeon (second installment in Realm trilogy) and Charlie Sinn's Mistress Shade's School of Skin Vol 1.

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